Small Wonder/SOB 12.1.16

12/02/2016     / / / /

Carlton Melton-Small Wonder-For Nepal-Evil Hoodoo-2016
kandodo / McBain-Blowed Out-Lost Chants / Last Chance-Rooster-2016
Cavalier Song-Cessna-Cavalier Song / Agathe Max Split-God Unknown Records-2016
Horrid-Suicide-For Nepal-Evil Hoodoo-2016
Pretty Lightnings-Marble Moon-A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain-Cardinal Fuzz/Sound Effects-2015
Throw Down Bones-Our Home, The Holy Mountain-Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 4-Fuzz Club-2016
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Berlin-Scrappy Little jaw-Cardinal Fuzz/Birdman Sound-2016
Pyramidal-Motormind-Jams From the Sun-Pyramidal-2015
Fungal Abyss-Virile Member-Karma Suture-Adansonia Records-2016
Solilians-Lamedvavniks-Shin-Goodbye Better-2016
Landing-Light/Complekt-Complekt-These Are Not Records-2016
Kinksi-Detroit Trickle Down-7 (or 8)-Kill Rock Stars-2015