Sons of the Void

“ ☆☆☆☆ … a welcome antidote to the crushing weight of drone and stoner-rock that constitutes so much of the psychedelic listening experience these days. … sparkling arrangements pitched somewhere between latter-day Fabs and a slightly unhinged Byrds. … an impressive collection of tunes delivered with deftness of touch and more than a few neat hooks. We need more of this, really we do.”—Shindig! Magazine


“…an epic, aural experience that blends – almost deliriously so – dream soundscapes, field recordings, psychedelic obscurities and off-kilter pop. … This is a masterwork by musicians for, in many ways, musicians – or, at least, music lovers unafraid of headphone worthy acts. As a whole, It’s well worth the solitary experience and close listen.”—The Active Listener


“… the debut album from Sons of the Void is a delightful mix of Dream Pop, Psych and Jangle, the blend flecked with touches of surrealism, samples and a quiet lysergic coating. … a gem of an album that will get regular airtime.”—The Terrascope



“‘JuJu’ is an album of sweepingly melodic music that still retains a strange kind of intimacy. Just when you thought you might never want to hear another ‘psych rock’ album again in your life, along comes an artist who resets the co-ordinates and makes the past seem startling new again.” — The Quietus


“ … hypnotic, psychedelic and damn good.… this is an epic collection that takes a few listens to fully appreciate as good music generally does.” — The Terrascope


“ This is a quite astounding album of modern psychedelia. Psychedelic music that is immediate, relevant, spiritual, affective and effective. … absolutely bloody ESSENTIAL!” — Backseat Mafia