Back to Sweden with the Cardinal & Lamagaia

12/05/2016     / / / /

Next up, it’s back to Sweden and to Cardinal Fuzz for another corker of a co-release. This time out, new material from Gothenburg’s Lamagaia. Art is wrapped up, the sound is hammered out … the new s/t is moving into the pipeline. “Lamagaia” is two whopping tracks: the relentless full-ignition onslaught of “Aurora” and the patient, more elastic “Paronama Vju.” More info to come … in the meantime, check out Lamagaia’s last self-released gem, “Lamagaius.”

Thanks again for a superb year at SOB … here’s hoping everyone gets to hunker down for a little bit in the coming weeks and can take a breath or two. You’ll need it for this one.