And Your Brains Won’t Work No More: Down Under III / SOB 01.12.23

01/26/2023     / /

“ … our fearless leader and co-conspirator from Deep Water Acres and Evening Fires takes said wheel with another trek down under through Australia and New Zealand … Do not miss it. If you’ve been around for the first two journeys, I’m confident you won’t. But in the unlikely case you need to catch up or just want hours of prime wares to pump into your head again, well here you go … ”

’Cause The Way We Feel, It’s Just Not Real / SOB 06.13.19

I’ve Never Been So High / SOB 05.19.22

The year is the original release date; label/album info is the release the song is taken from for the broadcast.


  • The Master’s Appprentices/ Easy to Lie/ Choice Cuts/ 1971/ Ascension Records
  • Python Lee Jackson/ In a Broken Dream/ In a Broken Dream/ 1972/ Big Pink
  • Fanny Adams/ Got to Get a Message to You/ Fanny Adams/ 1971/ Buy or Die
  • Trevor McNamara/ Silver/ Hey Captain/ 1971/ World in Sound
  • Lotus/ Lotus 1 (I’ll Be Gone)/ V/A: Dreamtime Downunder/ 1971/ Anzac
  • Bakery/ No Dying in the Dark/ V/A: Golden Miles (Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)/ 1971/ Raven Records
  • Healing Force/ The Gully/ V/A: Psych Bites (Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974)/ 1970/ Past & Present Records
  • Friends/ Freedom Train/ Leo de Castro and Friends/ 1972/ Aztec Music
  • Ticket/ Awake/ Awake/ 1972/ Aztec Music
  • Space Farm/ Space Farm/ Space Farm/ 1972/ Ascension Records
  • Pirana/ Here It Comes Again/ Pirana II/ 1972/ Radioactive
  • Company Caine/ The Day Superman Got Busted/ A Product of a Broken Reality/ 1971/ Aztec Music
  • Tully/ Follow Me/ Sea of Joy/ 1971/ Chapter
  • Tully/ Down to the Sea/ Sea of Joy/ 1971/ Chapter
  • Tamam Shud/ Sea the Swells/ Morning of the Earth (Original Film Soundtrack)/ 1972/ Warner Music
  • Wild Cherries/ I’m the Sea (Stop Killing Me)/ Lobby Loyde – Plays with George Guitar/ 1971/ Vicious Sloth Collectables
  • La De Das/ Morning Good Morning (Love to See the Sun Rise)/ Rock and Roll Sandwich/ 1972/ EMI
  • Chain/ Judgement/ History of Chain/ 1971/ Mushroom Records
  • Wendy Saddington and the Copperwine/ Backlash Blues/ Live/ 1971/ Aztec Music
  • Carson/ A Boogie/ Blown/ 1972/ Aztec Music
  • Kahvas Jute/ Free/ Wide Open/ 1971/ Aztec Music
  • Daddy Cool/ Eagle Rock/ Daddy Who?/ 1971/ Sony Music Entertainment
  • Spectrum/ But That’s Alright/ Milesago/ 1971/ Aztec Music
  • Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs/ Most People I Know Think That I’m Crazy/ The Complete Havoc Singles/ 1972/ Aztec Music
  • Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls/ Working Mans Boogie/ The First Supper Last Or Scenes We Didn’t Get To See/ 1976/ Aztec Music