Random Generated Future/SOB 4.21.16

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Artist -Song -Album -Record Label -Year/Comments

Brendan Quinn -Light of Judah -(Amsterdam/Alleluia) -Mount Watatic -2015
Glenn Jones -In Durance Vile -Fleeting -Thrill Jockey -2016
Ben Chasny -Dead and Rising -Paper Leaves -Terrascope Audio Entertainments -2016
Ryley Walker -The High Road -Primrose Green -Mexican Summer -2015
The Left Outsides -Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime -Paper Leaves -Terrascope Audio Entertainments -2016
Heron Oblivion -Beneath Fields -Heron Oblivion -Sub Pop -2016
Constantine -Rania/Day of Light -Day of Light -Constantine -2015
New Planet Trampoline -Dark Ride -Dark Rides and Grim Visions -Stow House Records -2016
Vibravoid -Random Generated Future -Psychedelic Blueprints: An Introspection of the Years 2000-2013 -Stoned Karma -2016
The Oscillation -Truth in Reverse -Monographic -Hands in the Dark -2016
JuJu -Bring ‘Em War -JuJu -Sunrise Ocean Bender -2016
Our Solar System -At the Edge of Time -In Time -Beyond Beyond is Beyond -2016
Steve Hillage -The Hurdy Gurdy Glissando -Madison Square Garden 1977 (Live) -Purple Pyramid -2015