Lower Inner Outer/SOB 10.20.16

10/21/2016     / / / / /

Chef Menteur-Narconaut/Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus-III-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2015
Carlton Melton-Doamond in the Rough-Out to Sea-Agitated Records-2015
kandodo / McBain-Chant Of The Ever Circling (Last Vulture)-Lost Chants / Last Chance-Rooster-2016
Goat-Goatband-Requiem-Sub Pop / Taskig Stämning Annars
Hills-Kollectiv-Frid-Rocket Recordings-2015
Flowers Must Die-Taskig Stämning Annars-Sista Valsen-Rocket Recordings-2016
Kungens Män-Undre inre yttre rymden-Stockholm Maraton-Kungens-2016
Vespero-The Emperor’s Second Self-Azamri:Abyssinyian Liventure-Vespero-2016
Our Solar System-At The Edge Of Time-In Time-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
Holy Monitor-Golden Light-Golden Light/Aeolus-Ongakubaka-2016