Kiss My Mouth While I Still Have It/SOB 12.29.16

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Chef Menteur-Pointu-Live at the Mermaid Lounge-Backporch Revolution-2016
Landing-Grow-Complekt-These Are Not Records-2016
Weites Luftmeer-Trail of Thoughts-Siebenunddreißigachtundvierzig-Weites Luftmeer-2016
The Stargazer Lillies-Summer’s Gone-Door to the Sun-Graveface-2016
Art of Memory Palace-First Flight Hymnal Collapse-Static Caravan-Fuits de Mer-2016
Chocolat-Les pyramides-Rencontrer Looloo-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
Krakatau-Apogean Tide-Tharsis Montes/Apogean Tide-Growing Bin Records-2016
Fläsket Brinner-Bosses låt-The Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975-Mellotronen-2003
Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe-Across The Windowsill-Canal Trip: An Anthlogy 1969-1974-Esoteric Recordings-2013
Cressida-Let Them Come When They Will-The Vertigo Years Anthology 1969-1971-Repertoire Records-2012
Ramases-Only The Loneliest Feeling-Complete Discography: Glass Top Coffin-StormVox Records-1975
Michael Moorcock-Dude’s Dream (Rolling In The Ruins)-The New Worlds Fair-Esoteric Recordings-1975
King Penguin-Old Man Going-Sorrow’s Children: The Songs of S.F. Sorrow-Fruits de Mer-2012