I Dove So Deep For A Single Pearl/SOB 2.25.16

02/26/2016     / / / /

Death Cult Blues-Psychic Lemon-Psychic Lemon-Psychic Lemon-2016
Seven Wonders (I) White Lane Mountain Pass-Magic Bus-Transmission From Sogmore’s Garden-Magic Bus-2014
Channel 50 Creature Feature-The Luck of Eden Hall-The Acceleration of Time-Headspin Records-2016
Heavy Psychedelic Toilet-Anton Barbeau-Magic Act-Idiot Records-2015
Julia-Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade-…Is Coming (A Retrospective)-Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade-1999
Orange Room-The Prefab Messiahs-Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive -Burger Records/Klyam Records-2015
Great Esmeralda-Jack Ellister-Tune Up Your Ministers And Start Transmission From Pool Holes To Class O Hypergiants-Fruits de Mer Records-2015
A Kick Like That-Sons of the Void-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender Records-2016
Armour of the Shroud-Bobb Trimble-The Flying Spiders in Brooklyn (Live 2009 Rose Live Music)-Burger Records-2013
Faces-The Seventh Ring of Saturn-Ormythology-The Seventh Ring of Saturn-2015
One Line From Another-Ulaan Passerine-The Great Unwinding-Worstward-2016
Eight Red Lights atop the Hill-Voice Of The Seven Woods-Summer Tour 2007-Voice Of The Seven Woods-2007
Roll Away the Stones-Evening Fires-Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things-Sunrise Ocean Bender Records-2015
A Dime’s Worth of Analine-Steve Palmer-Unblinking Sun-Dying for Bad Music-2014
Impression: Brouwersgracht/California Song-Brendan Quinn-(Amsterdam/Alleluia)-Mount Watatic-2015
Pig Iron-Daniel Bachman-Orange Co. Serenade-Bathetic Records-2014