“…truly exceptional…”

02/29/2016     / / / /

“Debut album from Switzerland-based duo Sons of the Void, comprising David Max (formerly of Tadpoles and Psychic TV) and Nick Nobody. This is a truly exceptional set of songs, bursting with original, creative ideas, and transforming melodic pop into a mind expanding experience. Leichenblume is janglepop ornamented by offbeat wobbly psychedelic sound effects. Don’t Forget to Pray offsets 60s jangle and US folk-rock elements with dreamlike experimental psychedelic aspects. Kolliderscope is bright melodic pop combined with futuristic electronics and woozy atmospheric effects. Hope I Don’t Miss is laid-back folky psych-pop effectively merged with intense noise-rock, found sounds and experimental effects. The Things We Wish could almost be an 80s indiepop song with its combination of jangly guitar, retro organ and innocent, optimistic lyrics. A Kick Like That juxtaposes soaring sunshine pop-esque flute with crunching noise guitar within a prime slice of laid-back psych-rock. Little Children is a very moving, uplifting piece in which 60s-ish folk-rock meets swirling retro-futurism. All the things I most love about music are expertly brought together in this one album. And if the superb music wasn’t enough, the entire package is a complete work of art, the visual presentation showing considerable attention to detail. The artwork has the feel of a classic, iconic album cover, there’s a lyric and info sheet printed in colour on heavyweight satin-finish paper, and the record is pressed on bright cyan vinyl.”