Waiting at the Lights / SOB 07.06.17

07/07/2017     / / / /

Hausfrauen Experiment-Baby’s on Fire-Plankton-2016-Fruits de Mer Records
Butthole Surfers-Venus-Weird Revolution-2001-Hollywood
Todd Parker and The Witches-Electric Love Child-Electric Love Child – Single-2017-Bakery
Anton Barbeau-Scary Monsters-Heaven Is In Your Mind-2017-Fruits de Mer Records
Doug Tuttle-Don’t Worry-Peace Potato-2017-Trouble in Mind
The Beginner’s Mynd-Out of Tune-Don’t Lose Your Mind-2017-13 O’Clock Records
Sons of the Void-Don’t Forget to Pray-Sons of the Void-2016-Sunrise Ocean Bender Records
The Thin Cherries-Oven Mitt-The Thin Cherries-2017-The Thin Cherries
Mark & The Clouds-On Her Bike-Cumulus-2017-Mega Dodo
The Left Outsides-Civil War Lament-There Is A Place-2017-Eggs in Aspic
Heron Oblivion-Rama-Heron Oblivion-2016-Sub Pop
The Myrrors-Hasta la victoria-Hasta La Victoria-2017-Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Flowers Must Die-Hipp Hipp Hurra-Compilations-2017-Flowers Must Die
In Zaire-Revelations-Visions of the Age to Come-2017-Sound of Cobra
Cathode Ray Eyes-Take a Bow, Cthulhu-How We Lost The 21st Century-2017-Cathode Ray Eyes
White Hills-If…1…2-Stop Mute Defeat-2017-Thrill Jockey
Föllakzoid-Electric (feat. J. Spaceman)-London Sessions (feat. J. Spaceman) – EP-2017-Sacred Bones Records
Guiding Light-Frame the River-Guide the Lightning-2017-Eggs in Aspic