Cross That Border / SOB 07.13.17

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No Mightier Creatures-To Cross-No Mightier Creatures-2017-No Mightier Creatures
Residual Echoes-eyes-Dead Head-2010-Teenage Teardrops
Thurston Moore-Exalted-Rock N Roll Consciousness-2017-Caroline International
The Heads-Spliff Riff (Peel, Nov. ‘95)-Radio One-2012-Rooster
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs-Sweet Relief-Feed the Rats-2017-Rocket Recordings
Blown Out-Transportation Ventures-Magnetic North-2016-Drone Rock Records
Vago Sagrado-Alea Iacta Est-Vol. II-2017-Adansonia Records
Dreamtime-Fire-Strange Pleasures-2016-Cardinal Fuzz-Sky Lantern
The Radiation Flowers-Summer of Burnout-Summer Loop-2017-Cardinal Fuzz-Sunmask
Cobra Family Picnic-Frost-Magnetic Anomaly-2017-Cardinal Fuzz-Sky Lantern
El Gran Chufle-Le Rebel-Waitecas-2012-Hueso Records
The Oscillation-Evil in the Tree-Evil in the Tree-2017-Wrong Way Records
Soft Skies Inc.-Top of the Stairs-Top of the Stairs-2017-Soft Skies Inc.
Guiding Light-Heaven-Guide the Lightning-2017-Eggs in Aspic
Woods-Spring Is In the Air-Love Is Love-2017-Woodsist
Soft Power-Sisämetsä-In a Brown Study-2017-Huuru Osasto
Goa Express-Goa-Goa/Kiss Me-2017-Wrong Way Records