There’s No Accounting For Taste, But At Least I Have Some/SOB 5.5.16

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Artist-Song-Album-Record Label-Year

Spaceship-A Storm Threatens-Fields: Churches & Rivers-Spaceship Pictures-2016
Surya Kris Peters-The Legend Of Raja Shakuu-The Hermit-Electric Magic-2016
Pulselovers-Soundtrack V-Pulselovers-Pulselovers-2016
Sula Bassana-Planeta Bur-Shipwrecked-Sulatron-2016
Radar Men From The Moon-Masked Disobedience-Subversive II-Fuzz Club-2016
Black Tempest-Cosmonaut-Enfolding Light-Black Tempest-2016
J.D. Emmanuel-Movement V-Wizards-Important Records-1981
The Red Plastic Buddha-Being Human-Songs for Mara-Spacecat Records-2014
The Luck of Eden Hall-The Saints Are Quiet Above Us-The Acceleration of Time-Headspin Records-2016
Anton Barbeau-Hop Skip A Jump-Magic Act-Idiot Records-2015
New Planet Trampoline-This Is The Morning-Dark Rides and Grim Visions-Stow House Records-2016
The Higher State-When We Say-Volume 27-13 O’Clock Records-2016
July-Can I Go Back Again-Can I Go Back Again-Fruits de Mer Records-2016
Sendelica-Ziggy Stardust-Ziggy Stardust 7-Fruits de Mer Records-2016
Eastern Magnetics-Butcher-Fairchild and Blade-Eastern Magnetics-2015
Sons of the Void-A Kick Like That-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
Tadpoles-Far Out-Far Out (20th Anniversary Mix)-Bakery Records-2016
JuJu-Dance with the Fish-JuJu-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016