The Fugue Which Lost/SOB 1.21.16

01/22/2016     / /

The Fugue Which Lost/SOB 1.21.16 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

We’re Only Children-Man-Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In?-Rhino-1971
Seven Wonders (I) White Lane Mountain Pass-Magic Bus-Transmission From Sogmore’s Garden-Magic Bus-2014
Memories Membrane-Matching Mole-Matching Mole-Esoteric Recordings-1971
Grasse-Fläsket Brinner-The Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975-Mellotronen -2003
The Sun (Parallel Or 90 Degrees)-Bo Hansson-Magician’s Hat-Virgin-1972
Fugan som förlorade sin orgelstämma-Sagor & Swing-Botvid Grenlunds Park-Häpna-2013
Islossning i C-moll-Tor-Peders-Brev Från Ederstop-Fruits de Mer-2014
Psykjunta-Flowers Must Die-Psykjunta/Pärsonligt Söund-Rundgång Rekords-2014
Vocalism Ai – Forever Takemitsu-Minami Deutsch-Minami Deutsch-Cardinal Fuzz-2015
Trophaee-Camera-Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide-Bureau B-2014
Absence Makes Me Dream-BBJr-If You Have a Door, Leave it Open-Tymbal Tapes-2015
Nothern Latitudes-Sagas-The Eremite’s Dream-Sagas-2012
Disappearances-Voice of the Seven Thunders-Voice of the Seven Thunders-Holy Mountain-2010
Forest at First Light-Prana Crafter-Rupture of Planes-Deep Water Acres-2015
Bury Your Dead-Warhorses-Burning Desire-Warhorses-2014
Silent Season-Golden Void-Berkana-Thrill Jockey-2015
Mice-Plant Tribe-Late Noon-Space Chant Records-2015
Set Out Alone-Quest for Fire-Lights From Paradise-Tee Pee-2010



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