Sueños Psicodélicos/SOB 4.7.16

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Kevin Moist (Evening Fires, label-boss at Deep Water Acres) is back in the virtual chair and behind the curtain this week on SOB. And you know how good that is. If you don’t, do yourself a favor and check the series he’s been generous enough to do for the show in the past. This week is the first step in a series on the many, many worlds of Latin psychedelia. We’ll get started with ’68-’70, when the heady brew of sonic phenomena at the time were being indiginized and reconstituted throughout Latin American into sounds fresh and distinct … and as usual, Moist will take us down the less obvious route to get to them … if you have any questions on the rundown, please drop a line and we’ll do our best to fill in any gaps.

Image: “Tuxana das Manaus”, Tomie Ohtake, 1972

Los Holy’s-Sueño Sicodélico-Sueño Sicodélico-Peru-1967
Los Beat 4-Civilizacion-Habia Una Vez…-Chile-1968
Los York’s-Mira Tú-68-Peru-1968
Los Impala-Children Of The Forest-Impala Syndrome-Venezuela-1969
The Mad’s-If You Feel-Molesto-Peru-1968
La Barra De Chocolate-Proyectos de un Ladrón Prisionero-La Barra De Chocolate-Argentina-1969
Kissing Spell-Yellow Moon-Los Pajaros-Chile-1970
The Speakers-Niños-En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson-Colombia-1968
Os Brazões-Tão Longe de Mim-Os Brazões-Brazil-1969
El Kinto-Ni Me Puedes Ver-Circa 1968-Uruguay-1968
Liverpool-Por Favor, Sucesso-Por Favor, Sucesso-Brazil-1969
Almendra-Hoy Todo El Hielo En La Ciudad-7” single-Argentina-1969
Caetano Veloso w/Os Mutantes-É Proibido Proibir-7” single-Brazil-1968
Gal Costa-Com Medo, Com Pedro-Gal-Brazil-1969
Bango-Inferno No Mundo-Bango-Brazil-1970
Aguaturbia-Rollin’ and Tumblin’-Aguaturbia-Chile-1970
Ladies W.C.-Searching for a Meeting Place-Ladies W.C.-Venezuela-1969
Manal-Elena-V/A: Pidamos Peras A Mandioca-Argentina-1970
Flavio Kurt-Walderez Walderéia-7” single-Brazil-1970
Traffic Sound-Yellow Sea Days-March 7th, 8th, 9th-Virgin-Peru-1969
Arco Iris-Camino-Arco Iris-Argentina-1970
Los Jaivas-Foto De Primera Comunión-Los Jaivas-Chile-1971
Los Gatos-Porque Bajamos A La Ciudad-Rock de la Mujer Perdido-Argentina-1970
Los Dug Dug’s-Eclispse-Dug Dug’s-Mexico-1971
Pax-Sittin’ On My Head-May God And Your Will Land You And Your Soul Miles Away From Evil-Peru-1970
La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata-Nasty Sex-La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata-Mexico-1971