Something I Can’t Place

03/04/2016     / / /

In This Unforgiving Heat-Menimals-Menimals-Riot Season -2016
Linslykta av sjätte ordningen-FYRSKEPPET -Sydostbrotten-Awkward Formats-2015
Pulse-The Dept. of Harmonic Integrity-In Deck and Depth, a Whim, a Weft-Tymbal Tapes-2015
Reach the Summit, Egg-E GONE-Advice to Hill Walkers-Zeon Light-2015
Cold and High-Capra Informis-Womb of the Wild-Rocket Recordings-2015
Ship of Joy-Al Doum and the Faryds-Postive Force-Black Sweat Records-2012
Phantamonium-Hotel Wrecking City Traders-Phantamonium-Evil Hoodoo-2016
Equivalence-Dreamtime-Sun-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
Black Hand-Shooting Guns-Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
As You Pass By-White Hills-Fuzz Club Split Single Series No. 8-Fuzz Club Records-2016
Jet Black Hallucinations-Blown Out-Supernormal 2015 Live Transmissions iii -Evil Hoodoo-2016
Black Reflections-Tales of Murder and Dust-The Flow In Between-Fuzz Club Records-2016
Dead Comet-Dead Skeletons-Live In Berlin-Fuzz Club Records-2016
Something I Can’t Place-Telstar Sound Drone-Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles-Bad Afro-2016
Regency Blues-Mugstar-Magnetic Seasons-Rock Action Records-2016