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It’s taken longer than we had expected with the ubiquitous “unforeseen delays,” but we’re stoked to finally share some ear and eye candy from the upcoming JuJu LP. We have some more coming down the pike, but first we have “Samael.” The album goes up for per-order April 6th and is out May 6th. Thanks for your patience … we’re sure we can duly reward it …

“…wonderful blend of Psychedelia mixed with Afrobeat that is well worth spending time with … another great SOB release.”—Thee Psychedelicatessen

“…it is an awesome album that, already, must be in the running for album of the year.”—Dayz of Purple & Orange

“JuJu makes a mindbending combination of intense psych-rock and shoegaze/dreampop-style atmospheric noise, with a healthy dose of free-thinking experimental attitude. … Another winner from Sunrise Ocean Bender, which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels.”—Bliss/Aquamarine

“ … a monumental creation, an album that refuses to blend into anything approaching either deafening polemic or simple background noise; and which refuses, too, to allow itself to be defeated by the nightmare scenarios that inspired it. Seek it out, and pay attention. It’s worth it.”—Goldmine Magazine

Limited edition ‘transparent Orange Crush’ vinyl, heavyweight 4C insert with download. Pre-order is April 6th, out May 6th. ‘JuJu’ will be available as a download only. SOB is distributed in N.A. by Cobraside, across the waters by Clear Spot.