Orange Sunshine/SOB 11.20.14

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Orange Sunshine/SOB 11.20.14 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

Kevin Moist of Evening Fires and Deep Water Acres has curated something exceptional for SOB tonight. We’re going to have an old-fashioned psychedelic Japanese freak-out just like your parents used to have. Moist has put together an eye-opening and hair-raising set of prime Japanese psych covering roughly the mid-80s through the mid-90s. This really is something special. And educational.

Put your feet up, take command of the couch, and have your mind blown.

Big, big thanks to Moist for taking the time to craft this for SOB.

Enjoy …
Pop Sicle-High Rise-High Rise II-P.S.F. Records-1986
Blind Promise-White Heaven-Out-P.S.F. Records-1989
Cement Woman part II-Marble Sheep and the Run-Down Sun’s Children-Marble Sheep and the Run-Down Sun’s Children-Alchemy Records-1990
Orange Sunshine-Ghost-Second Time Around-P.S.F. Records-1992
Thirteen-Fushitsusha-Live 2nd-P.S.F. Records-1991
孤独を図る (Measuring Loneliness)-Shizuka-天界のペルソナ (Heavenly Persona)-P.S.F. Records-1994
Ima, Tachi Arawareru (Now, I Am Able To Stand)-Overhang Party-3 (Live 1994.8.22 At Show Boat)-Pataphysique Records-1995
きっと逢えるよ (I’m Sure I Can Meet)-Angel’In Heavy Syrup-II-Alchemy Records-1992
Ryujin-Cosmic Invention-Help Your Satori Mind-The Now Sound-1997
Black Sky-Mainliner-Mellow Out-Charnel Sound-1996