The Figures Primed And Ready/Songs From The Big Hair 11.15.14

11/16/2014     / / / /

The Figures Primed And Ready/Songs From the Big Hair 11.15.14 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud


Had a blast filling in on Songs From The Big Hair … even put a band-aid on it for Girlschool … someone has to care …

Death Alley Driver–Rainbow
Midnight Chaser–White Spirit
I Speed At Night–Dio
Heavy Metal Machine–Riot
Rock Machine–Bodine
Road Rocket–More
Heavy Metal Thunder–Saxon
C’mon Let’s Go–Girlschool
(We Are) The Road Crew–Motörhead
Neon Nights–Accept
The Sentinel–Judas Priest
Voice From The Grave–Tysondog
On the Rocks–Avenger
Raw Deal–Jaguar
Hot Line–Black Sabbath
The Tempter–Trouble
Last Chance–Witchfinder General
We Become One–Fastway
The Land That Lost the Love–Waysted
When It’s Time To Rock–UFO
But I Want More–The Michael Schenker Group
Angel of Death–Thin Lizzy
Cold Sweat–Thin Lizzy