Only The Credits Remain / AC 06.28.17

06/29/2017     / / / / / /

When The Wizard King calls, you answer … had a grand time alleviating some pressure for our monarch on Altered Circuitry.

Kosmischer Läufer-Sandtrommel-Live in Graz – EP-2017-Unknown Capability Recordings
Pulselovers-Endless Repeats/Eternal Return-From the Furthest Signals-2017-A Year in the Country
John McBain-Focal Point-Accidental Soundtracks, Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle-2017-Vacant Stare Records-God Unknown Records
Vanishing Twin-Eggs-Choose Your Own Adventure-2016-Soundway Records
Death And Vanilla-The Colour of Space-ep-2016-Fire Records
The Dept. of Harmonic Integrity-Pulse-In Deck and Depth, a Whim, a Weft-2015-Tymbal Tapes
Fyrskeppet-Mistsirener, Hösten 1894-Sydostbrotten-2015-Awkward Formats
Keith Seatman-Curious Noises & Distant Voices-From the Furthest Signals-2017-A Year in the Country
Listening Center-Only the Credits Remain-From the Furthest Signals-2017-A Year in the Country
Klaus Schulze-Mental Door-Picture Music-1975-Revisited Records
Black Tempest-The Hawk-Headed Lord of Silence-Darkness Unfolding-2015-Black Tempest
Dead Sea Apes + Black Tempest-Wilder Penfield-The Sun Behind The Sun-2012-Cardinal Fuzz
Surya Kris Peters-Die Angst vor dem Schlaf-Dream Exit-2017-Electric Magic
Nicklas Barker-Celestial Ghost-EL Último Fin de Semana (Original Soundtrack)-2011-Virta