It’s Like Something’s Been Taken Away / SOB 05.11.17

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Luzon Valley Fearless-Setting Sun-Setting Sun – Single-2016-Anklebreka Records
The Divisionists-We Must Be Careful-Daybreak-2017-Mount Watatic
The Bevis Frond-Where is Egon Schiele?-Example 22-2015-Woronzow Records
The Left Outsides-You Told Your Secrets to the Sea-The Shape of Things to Come-2013-Xemu Records
The Paperhead-Dama de Lavanda-Chew-2017-Trouble in Mind
Woods-Bleeding Blue-Love Is Love-2017-Woodsist
Quilt-Searching for-Plaza-2016-Mexican Summer
The Beginner’s Mynd-Singing Man-Singing Man single-2015-Hidden Volume Records
The Higher State-The Worst of Their Treason-Volume 27-2016-13 O’Clock Records
Papernut Cambridge-The Tragic Hills-Second Sun-2017-Eggs in Aspic
The Valkarys-The Time’s Today-Since I Was Fifteen – EP-2016-Wrogn Way Records
Cool Ghouls-Brown Bag-Animal Races-2016-Empty Cellar
The Heaters-Dune Ripper-Fuzz Club Sessions-2017-Fuzz Club Records
Los Silver Mornings-Autopista A Barajas-Are you ready?-2014-G.O.D. Records
Nuvem Leopardo-Pitanga-Quintessência-2017-Nuvem Leopardo
Koes Barat-And to the so-called “The Guilties”-Koes Barat-2015-Sub Pop Records
Pop Mašina-Promenicemo Svet-Antologija 1972-1976-2008-Internut
切れ痔のヨーゼフ-Joseph of Kirezi-Psycho Soda ( a.k.a. Seven Up )-Joseph of Kirezi-2017-Joseph of Kirezi
Domboshawa-Saturdaze-Minds Electrix-2017-Domboshawa
Fungal Abyss-Year of the Bones-Bardo Abgrund Temple-2017-Adansonia
In Zaire-Synchronicity-Visions of the Age to Come-2017-Sound of Cobra