Point That Thing Somewhere Else / SOB 05.04.17

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Kevin from Evening Fires & Deep Water Acres is back in the virtual chair tonight to captain us “further out of usual SOB waters for two hours of prime 1980s New Zealand sounds, taking in plenty of psych pop drone and all points in between …”

There’s enough backstory, minutiae and pertinent trivia on this trek to make for some exquisitely boring radio … a couple times over. We’ll keep the antennae focused on the tunes, where they should be. If you’d like to dive down the rabbit hole, Audio Culture: The Noisy Library of New Zealand Music has plenty of skinny on what we’re covering tonight, and then some.

Many, many thanks again to Kevin for curating another fantastic sonic travelogue.

The Clean-Point That Thing Somewhere Else-Boodle Boodle Boodle-1981-Flying Nun
The Pin Group-Ambivalence-Go To Town-1982-Flying Nun
The Gordons-Coalminer’s Song-The Gordons-1981-Gordons
The Builders-Russian Rug-Schwimmen in Der See-1982-Flying Nun
The Clean-Getting Older-Getting Older – Single-1982-Flying Nun
The Stones-Down and Around-Dunedin Double-1982-Flying Nun
Sneaky Feelings-Throwing Stones-Send You-1983-Flying Nun
The Verlaines-You Say You-10 O’Clock in the Afternoon-1984-Flying Nun
The Victor Dimisich Band-Native Waiter-Victor Dimisich Band-1983-Flying Nun
This Kind of Punishment-After the Fact-This Kind of Punishment-1983-Flying Nun
The Shallows-Trial by Separation-Trial by Separation-1985-The Shallows
Tall Dwarfs-Crush-Slugbuckethairybreathmonster-1984-Flying Nun
Doublehappys-Some Fantasy-Cut It Out-1985-Flying Nun
The Great Unwashed-Neck of the Woods-Singles-1984-Flying Nun
Look Blue Go Purple-As Does the Sun-Still Bewitched-1985-Flying Nun
The Chills-Night of Chill Blue (12/11/1985)-The BBC Sessions-1985-Fire Records
Able Tasmans-Sour Queen-A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down-1986-Flying Nun
Jay Clarkson-A Loose End-Jay Clarkson-1986-Flying Nun
Goblin Mix-Coleridge-The Birth and Death of Goblin Mix-1986-Flying Nun
Bailter Space-Tanker-Tanker-1988-Flying Nun
Jean-Paul Sartre Experience-Flex-The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience-1986-Flying Nun
Alpaca Brothers-Hey Man-Legless-1986-Flying Nun
Bird Nest Roys-Joringel-Bird Nest Roys-1987-Flying Nun
Straightjacket Fits-Life in One Chord-Hail-1988-Flying Nun
The Bats-North By North (remix)-4 Songs-1988-Flying Nun