I Got A Pinhole Leading To My Brain/SOB 9.29.16

09/30/2016     / / / /

Some non-alignment this week, so rebuilt for your enjoyment minus the wagging tongue … putting the focus where it matters most: on the music. Enjoy …

Centralstödet-Hösthypomani-Hjärndimma-Sky Lantern-2016
Dire Wolves-Fuck the Pipeline-Standing With Standing Rock-Sky Lantern-2016
Flowers Must Die-Varför-Sista Valsen-Rocket Recordings-2016
Caudal-Piqued-Let’s All Take the Yellow Pills-Caudal-2016
Electric Orange-Misophonia I-Misophonia-Electric Orange-2016
Shooting Guns-Deepest Purple-Spectral Laundromat-Cardinal Fuzz / Captcha-2016
It’s Not Night: It’s Space-Starry Wisdom-Our Birth Is But A Sleep & A Forgetting-Small Stone-2016
Dreamtime-Improvisation (Live)-Standing With Standing Rock-Sky Lantern-2016
Morgan Delt-Mssr. Monster-Phase Zero-Sub Pop-2016
The Moles-Pan, God of the Night-And Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye Again-The Moles-2014
three dimensional tanx-Astral Plane Flight Attendant-Attack-three dimensional tanx-2016
Psychic Lemon-Dilator-Psychic Lemon-Drone Rock Records-2016
Herbcraft-Palisades-Standing With Standing Rock-Sky Lantern-2016
Skyjelly-Seamagnet-Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard-Doom Trip-2016
E GONE-Build Your Camp out of Alpine Moss-Advice to Hill Walkers-Deep Water Acres / Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016