I Don’t Have No Self Respect/SOB 2.5.15

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I Don’t Have No Self Respect/SOB 2.5.15 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

Cassini-Steve Palmer-Unblinking Sun-Dying For Bad Music-2014
Sad Road-Adam Bugaj-Telegraphed-Deep Water Acres-2009
No Self Respect-Holy Sons-The Fact Facer-Thrill Jockey-2014
Within The Hour-The Goner-Behold a New Traveler-Deep Water Acres-2009
I Pick Up Birds-Tír Na Nóg-I Have Known Love-Fruits de Mer Records-2014
Song for Comus-Comus-First Utterance-Get Back-
Michael’s Garden-Circulus-Thought Becomes Reality-Mythical Cake-2009
Staircase To The Day-Gravy Train-Staircase To The Day-Repertoire-1974
Would The Christians Wait Five Minute? The Lions Are Having A Draw-Man-Man-Rhino-1970
Long Way Out-Connected View-The Active Listener Sampler 27-The Active Listener-2015
Hustle for Pennies-Monta at Odds-The Active Listener Sampler 27-The Active Listener-2015
Behold! The Abstract Eye-White Candles-Flowers for Delia-The Active Listener-2009
Calm Down-The Galaxy Electric-Calm Down-The Galaxy Electric-2014
Before We Begin-Broadcast-Haha Sound-Warp-2003
Snowcapped Andes Crash-Melody’s Echo Chamber-Melody’s Echo Chamber-Fat Possum-2012
Evil-The Flaming Lips-Embryonic-Warner Bros.-2009
Looking Glass / Pettibon-ERAAS-Initiation-Felte-2014
Touch It-Glowpeople-Happen-Cosmic Primitive-2014
Endless Day-Bill Reiflin-Birth of a Giant-FWD-1999
Oscillations-Parastatic-Recall Fade Return-104 Records-2015
Return (Outro)-Parastatic-Recall Fade Return-104 Records-2015