I Can Rhyme/SOB 7.16.15

07/17/2015     / /

I Can Rhyme/SOB 7.16.15 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

I Can Rhyme-Manzara-the hills are aLIVE AT SOUND OF MUSIC-Manzara-2015
Salvia Dali-Fungal Abyss-Live at the Triple Door-Eiderdown Records-2015
Winter Half-Light-Ancient Ocean-Blood Moon-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2015
Deireadh Fómhair-United Bible Studies-So As To Preserve The Mystery-Deep Water Acres-2015
Below Freezing-Future Museums-Good Spirit Persuasion-Future Museums-2014
Eyes of the Overworld-Lunar Grave-MIrror of the Woods-Lunar Grave-2015
X=C=U-Ecstatic Cosmic Union-XCU-Eiderdown Records-2013
Untitled 2-Lumerians-Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV-Permanent Records-2012
Seven Chances-Chui Wan-Chui Wan-Maybe Mars-2014
Mapuche-Camel Heads-Barefoot-Camel Heads-2015
Juanito Laguna-The Myrrors-Arena Negra-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2015
The Cruising Song-Vocokesh-Dr. Hofmann’s Bicycle Ride-Phonosphera-2010
In Search Of Lost Divine Arc-Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-High On New Heaven, Live In New Haven-Safety Meeting-2015
Peaking Duck-Carlton Melton-Out to Sea-Agitated Records-2015
Do The Big Bhang-Bardo Pond-God Unknown Records Single Series-God Unknown Records-2015