Fly In Circles/SOB 1.19.17

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Föllakzoid-El Humo-Föllakzoid-BYM Records-2009
Tracker-Tight Fit-How I Became An Alien-Sulatron-2010
Second Sun-Det Var Aldrig Jag, Det Var Du-Hopp/Förtvivlan-Electric Assault-2015
Lord Loud-Searching for the Thief-IN EP-King Volume Records-2015
Lamagaia-Aurora-Lamagaia-Sunrise Ocean Bender / Cardinal Fuzz-2017
Spirit Caravan-Cosmic Artifact-The Last Embrace-Meteor City-2003
Witchcraft-Witchcraft-Witchcraft-RIse Above Records-2004
Arzachel-Garden of Earthly Delights-Arzachel-Evolution Records-1969
Pink Floyd-Flaming-The Piper at the Gates of Dawn-Columbia-1967
Kaleidoscope-Keep Your Mind Open-Side Trips-Epic-1967
Ultimate Spinach-Happiness Child-Ultimate Spinach-MGM Records-1967
Flaming Lips-Nigdy Nie (Never No)-Oczy Mlody-Warner Bros.-2017
Supersize me-Jacob’s Ladder-Slouching Towards Bethlehem-Supersize me-2016
Sons of the Void-Don’t Forget to Pray-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
Morgan Delt-Escape Capsule-Phase Zero-Sub Pop-2016
Cuarto Flotante-Vuela En Circulos-insomne-Cuarto Flotante-2017
Drakkar Nowhere-Salutation to the Sun-Drakkar Nowhere-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
Solilians-Rev’s Gold-Shins-Goodbye Better-2016
Life Education-Beyond the Owl Dimension-Acid Owl-Grabbing Clouds Records-2017
Chef Menteur-E-meter-Live at the Mermaid Lounge (2001)-Backporch Revolution-2016