Don’t Let Them Tempt You/SOB 1.12.17

01/13/2017     / / / /

Supersize me-Evelyn, Evelyn-Slouching Towards Bethlehem-Supersize me-2016
Peach Hat-Retry-Peach Hat-Peach Hat-2016
el gran chufle-Le Rebel-Waitecas-el gran chufle-2012
Tara King Th.-Astro Girl-Mostla Tara Tape-La Souterraine-2014
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions-Into the Trees-Until the Hunter-Tendril Tales-2016
Psychic Ills-Hazel Green-Inner Journey Out-Thrill Jockey-2016
The Junkyard Liberty-Crazy Bones-Chains-Wrong Way Records-2016
Strange Collective-Super Touchy-The Myrrors / Strange Collective Split 7-God Unknown Records-2016
The Heaters-Centennial-Baptistina-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
Moonwalks-A Little Touch of Gravity-In Light (The Scales In The Frame)-Moonwalks-2016
Has A Shadow-Sorrow-Sorrow Tomorrow-Fuzz Club-2016
The Cult of Dom Keller-Behind All Evil is a Black Hole-Paradiso is on Fire-Eggs in Aspic-2017
Mark and The Clouds-You’re So Cold-Cumulus-Mega Dodo-2017
The Orange Drop-J’admets-Stoned in Love-Mega Dodo-2016
LEAF-Say Goodbye-Nothing Seems Real-LEAF-2016
Sundays & Cybele-Waiting for You-Enter the Time Mirror-Sky Lantern-2017
Kikagaku Moyo/ 幾何学模様-Silver Owl-House in the Tall Grass-Guruguru Brain-2016
The Silence-The Shadow-Nine Suns, One Morning-Drag City-2016