Designed To Make Decisions You Don’t Want To Make/SOB 3.31.16

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Are You Ready?-Los Silver Mornings-Are You Ready?-G.O.D. Records-2014
Egypt Berry-Night Beats-Who Sold My Generation?-Heavenly-2016
Time’s All Gone-Baby Jesus-Baby Jesus-Ongakubaka-2015
Electric Monkey-The Tailbreakers-The Tailbreakers-Ongakubaka-2015
Sweet Dreams-Ocular Audio Experiment-Laughing Dreams-Ocular Audio Experiment-2016
Redhead-Magic Shoppe-Interstellar Car Crash-Optical Sounds-2016
Thrill or Trip-New Candys-New Candys As Medicine-Picture In Your Ear Records-2015
Take Us To The Moon-The Oscillation-Monographic-Hands in the Dark-2016
Terrascopula Tempestua-Black Tempest-Paper Leaves-Terrascope Audio Entertainment-2016
Thermal Head-White Hills-Paper Leaves-Terrascope Audio Entertainment-2016
Etwas Anders-Verstärker-Aktivität-Space Lab Records-2016
Universal Translator-Dead Sea Apes-Paper Leaves-Terrascope Audio Entertainment-2016
Somehow-DUSST-Somehow single-DUSST-2016
Good Cop, Bad Cop-Psychic Lemon-Psychic Lemon-Psychic Lemon-2016
Confidence Man-New Planet Trampoline-Dark Rides and Grim Visions-Stow House Records-2016
In the Caves 1-Cosmic Letdown-In the Caves-Cosmic Letdown-2016
Gravitation Zero-Vibravoid-Psychedelic Blueprints: An Introspection of the Years 2000-2013-Stoned Karma-2016
Samael-JuJu-JuJu-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016