“…a gem of an album…”

03/30/2016     / / / / /

Featuring David Max (Tadpoles) and Nick Nobody, the debut album from Sons of the Void is a delightful mix of Dream Pop, Psych and Jangle, the blend flecked with touches of surrealism, samples and a quiet lysergic coating.

Favouring melody over volume, the album has a quiet dreamlike quality, with side one opening with a whisper of sound effects before a jangling guitar heralds the beginning of “Leichenblume”, the tune filled with weird noises that float around the melody in a very enticing way. Equally charming, “Don’t Forget To Pray” has a trippy ambience created by the droning keys, whilst “Kolliderscope” has a twinkling sequence dancing through it, the tune produced in a way that brings every nuance into focus yet remains soft and dreamy. To end side one, “Absorption” is a mellow piece with lyrics that talk of matter, time and space, one to lie back and float away on, the many layers of sound providing the perfect magic carpet. Over on side two things continue in the same manner with “Hope I Don’t Miss” having a warm fluid bass line and a heavier guitar passage in the middle, whilst “A Kick Like That” is a great slice of Psych Pop, with excellent guitar work and a gentle flute wandering though it. To end, “Little Children” takes us back to the jangly guitar that heralded the beginning of the collection rounding of an album that has its own distinctive sonic sound, one that takes a little while to tune into. When you do however you discover a gem of an album that will get regular airtime.

Simon Lewis, The Terrascope