Comin’ Over the Mountain Top/SOB 5.12.16

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Artist-Song-Album-Record Label-Year

Vox Dei-Cuero-Caliente-Columbia-1970
Pax-Exorcismo-Back To Perú-Vampisoul-1974
Purple Image-What You Do To Me-Purple Image-Radioactive Records-1969
Amanaz-Making the Scene-Africa-Now Again-1975
Laghonia-Glue-Glue-World in Sound-1968
Jean Paul “El Troglodita”-Vudú-Demoler “Rock Peruano” 1965 -1974-Repsychled-1972
Los Texao-Stone-Demoler “Rock Peruano” 1965 -1974-Repsychled-1970
Baris Manco & Mogollar-Binboganin Kizi-Istanbul 70: Psych, Disco, Folk Classics-Nublu-2012
Adnan Othman-Gadis Semalam-Bershukor: A Retrospective of Hits by a Malaysian Pop Yeh Yeh Legend-Sublime Frequencies-2016
Dreamtime-Eve Pt. 1 & 2-Dreamtime-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
Plant Tribe-Worlds We Never Knew-Late Noon-Space Chant Records-2016
Hawkwind-We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago-In Search of Space-EMI-1971
Nik Turner-The Visitor-Space Gypsy-Purple Pyramid-2013
Hedersleben-Somewhen Veaa (Dreamstate)-The Fall of Chronopolis-Purple Pyramid-2015
Khan Tengri-No Beginning, No End-Aeons-Khan Tengri-2016
Menimals-In This Unforgiving Heat-Menimals-Riot Season-2016
Fumaça Preta-A Serpente-Impuros Fanáticos-Sound Ways-2016
Sons of the Void-Leichenblume-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
The Ocular Audio Experiment-Alive-Laughing Dreams-The Ocular Audio Experiment-2016
The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Leave It Alone-Mini Album Thingy Wingy-A Recordings-2015
Ghost Box Orchestra-Days Are Forever-High Plaine-Evil Hoodoo-2016