Transmitting from the Mountain

05/12/2016     / / / / / / /

Had a blast filling in for The Wizard King on Altered Circuitry as he was out doing very wizardly things …

Surya Kris Peters–Snow Feathers–The Hermit–Electric Magic–2016
Sinoia Caves–Evil Ball–The Enchanter Persuaded–Jagjaguwar–2006
Sunfighter–Transmitting From The Mountain–Golden Eagle of Illumination–Bookmaker–2014
Barry Adamson–In Other Worlds–Know Where to Run–Central Control–2016
Jonas Reinhardt–Atomic Bomb Living–Powers of Audition–Jonas Reinhardt–2010
Glide–Iggy & Ziggy–Curvature of the Earth–SPINart–2004
The Oscillation–Take Us To The Moon–Monographic–Hands in the Dark–2016
Kosmischer Läufer–Jenseits des Horizonts–Volume Three–Unknown Capability Recordings–2015
La Düsseldorf–Rheinita–Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik–Soul Jazz–2010
Dept. of Harmonic Integrity–Pulse/Limbs +–In Deck and Depth, a Whim, a Weft–Tymbal Tapes–2015
Chef Menteur–The Forest–III–Sunrise Ocean Bender–2015
Michael Padilla–Crossing East–Atmospheres (Ambient Works Volume One)–Fruits de Mer–2016
FYRSKEPPET–Mistsirener, hösten 1894–Sydostbrotten–Awkward Formats–2015
Evening Fires–Unaussprechlichen Kulten–Incredible Adventures–Deep Water Acres–2015