But You Sure Can’t Hide/SOB 3.24.16

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Ball of Confusion-Monster Magnet-Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)-Napalm Records-2015
Time Machine-Monster Magnet-Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)-Napalm Records-2015
Slave to the Die-The Linus Pauling Quartet-Ampalanche-Vincebus Eruptum-2016
Storm and Feather-Golden Void-Berkana-Thrill Jockey-2015
Gympie-Dreamtime-Dreamtime-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
Across-Ulaan Passerine-The Great Unwinding-Worstward-2016
Sad Possum-The Clear Spots-Mountain Rock-Deep Water Acres-2005
Life on the Ground-Ulaan Markhor-Detritus: 2010-2016-Worstward-2016
Pulpit Rocks-Evening Fires-Light From On High-Deep Water Acres-2012
Basalt Palisades-Terrane-Basalt Palisades-Sonic Meditations-2015
Flemish Weave-Mugstar-Magnetic Seasons-Rock Action Records-2016
Deep Grey Night-Surface of Eceon-The King Beneath the Mountain-Strange Attractors-2001
French Song-The Ohm-Everybody’s Drowning-The Ohm-2015
Dawn Passage-Causa Sui-Return to Sky-El Pariaso-2016