As You Like It/SOB 11.3.16

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Stereocilia-Lost in the Ether-The Road to the Unconscious Past-Stereocilia-2016
Rob Byrd-The Wandering Fires-Aurora Season-Rob Byrd-2016
Landing-Clouds II-Complekt-These Are Not Records-2016
Flavor Crystals-Shilbottle-The Telescopes/Flavor Crystals Split-mpls. ltd-2016
Woodsman-Smells Like Purple-Mystery Tape EP-Woodsman-2010
Numinous Eye-As You Like It-Clockwork Moon-Nod and Smile Records-2013
Magnog-More Weather-More Weather-Kranky-1997
Future Museums-possible neutral (live @ Track House 9/29/16)-possible neutral (live @ Track House 9/29/16)-Future Museums-2016
Krakatau-Tharsis Montes-Tharsis Montes/Apogean Tide-Growing Bin Records-2016
Drakkar Nowhere-Higher Now-Drakkar Nowhere-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
TAU-Trickster-The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4-Fuzz Club-2016
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation-The State (I’m In)-Mirage-Rocket Recordings-2016
The Flesh-Has A Shadow-The Flesh-Fuzz Club-2016
Magic Shoppe-Kill-Wonderland-Little Cloud-2016
The Valkarys-Since I Was Fifteen-Since I Was Fifteen-Wrong Way Records-2016