What It Feel Like To Be Alive/SOB 10.2.14

10/02/2014     / / / / / /

This whole show we spend some quality time at Deep Water Acres, a state of mind as much as a label. If you’re familiar with the show and some of the happenings around here, then you know how fertile the soil is at DWA. If not, it’s time to reach down and get your hands dirty. A long overdue episode, the time seemed perfect as Evening Fires new LP with SOB begins rounding the corner to the homestretch. If you’d like some words to go with your sounds, there’s an interview with Evening Fires/Deep Water Acres’ Kevin Moist that’s well worth the read … “we’re so mysterious, even we don’t know who we are or what we’re on about.”


What It Feels Like To Be Alive/SOB 10.2.14 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

What It Feels Like To Be Alive-Evening Fires
Pharmakon-Dead Sea Apes
Box of Black Flowers part 1-Enfer Boréal
Dire Diamonds-Enumclaw
Morning Mold-Niagara Falls
Within the Painted Desert-Raising Holy Sparks
… & So We Sing-Agitated Radio Pilot
Orange Matter Custard-Ashtray Navigations
You Will Sing-E Gone (vinyl release from Sunrise Ocean Bender)
Fourth Person Singular-Anvil Salute
Ocean Full of Waves-Indoorpark
Cerebral Gore-Tex-Pairdown
Where the Crows Go-Stone Breath
No Atheists On a Sinking Ship-The Goner
Play It Pretty-Adam Bugaj
Under Your Skin-Psychic Frost
En Route-The Goner
Procession-Flying Sutra
Choo Choo-The Clear Spots
There Ain’t Been a Man Since Moses-Evening Fires