“Suddenly, everything has changed … ”

01/19/2020     / /

It has. It looks as though SOB radio has come to a close … for now. I have some wiggly things on my plate to deal with and some system upgrades to hammer out, and keeping the broadcast running by issuing executive orders isn’t doable, or fair.

You have allowed me a pretty damn good run through the radio jungle and I will always be indebted. I hope after all the carbs are blown out and the dust has settled, there’s a place to make a triumphant return to being a tyrant of the airwaves at WRIR … sooner than later.

Big big thanks to Brother Wizard King of Altered Circuitry on WRIR​ for putting his hands on the wheel and for helping smooth out the few coming bumps in the road.

And there is still one more thing coming down the road that can’t be stopped and is pretty damn excellent. That would be your favorite album of 2020, Steve Palmer’s Useful Histories, from SOB and Deep Water Acres​. Tasty news and sounds coming soon …

Thanks much everyone … you sure gave me a lot of wiggle room …