She’s A Joy To Know / SOB 08.17.17

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Stray-Rock and Roll Woman-Always Here-2017-Fruits de Mer Records
Sidewalk Society-Love Is All-Strange Roads-2017-Fruits de Mer Records
The Chemistry Set-Legend Of A Mind-Lovely Cuppa Tea-2017-Fruits de Mer Records
Les Big Byrd-Anywhere But Here-Stockholm Death Star – EP–‘a’ Records
JuJu-And Play a Game-Our Mother Was a Plant-2017-Fuzz Club Records
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation-Imagine You-Mirage-2017-Rocket Recordings
Burning Palms-The Sword-False Prophet-2017-Little Cloud Records
The Black Angels-Currency-Death Song-2017-Partisan Records
Ghost Box Orchestra-Flutter-High Plaine-2016-Evil Hoodoo
Barrows-Manna-Obsidion-2017-Tonzonen Records
Barrows-Zenith-Obsidion-2017-Tonzonen Records
Monster Killed By Laser-Hall of Spheres-Hall of Spheres-2017-Eggs in Aspic
坪内和夫とかっこいい若者たち/Kazuo Tsubouchi with kakkoii wakamono tachi-Cold Morning-花のように風のように/Like a flower, like a wind-2017-Sundays & Cybelle-坪内和夫とかっこいい若者たち
The Stars-Orange Hour Circle-Will-2004-Pedal Records
Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様-Nobakitani-Stone Garden – EP-2017-Guruguru Brain
MIMINOKOTO みみのこと-Trembling Tongue | 震える舌 / MIMINOKOTO | KOENJI 07/02/2016 みみのこと | 高円寺 平成28年7月2日-2017-Plunks Plank
泥幻 / Deigen-Cardinal Visions-Deep Water Blackout-2012-泥幻 / Deigen
魔術の庭 / Majutsu No Niwa-Tick Tack-第五作品集Ⅰ The Visionaries’ Sand Zone-2012-There, Musik Atlach