Raise Them Up/SOB 10.8.15

10/09/2015     /

Raise Them Up/SOB 10.8.15 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

Empire Is No More-Midday Veil-This Wilderness-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2015
Take Me Beyond-Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation-Horse Dance-Rocket Recordings-2015
Myriads-Gnoomes-Ngan!-Rocket Recordings-2015
Sova-Dungen-Allas Sak-Mexican Summer-2015
Bordertown-Peacock Farm-EP-Get Shot Records-2014
Dream On-Bed Rugs-8th Cloud-Ample Play-2014
Shining-Woods-With Light And With Love-Woodsist-2014
Selling T-Shirts-The Skygreen Leopards-Family Crimes-Woodsist-2014
Akhir Kisah Sedih-AKA-Do What You Want-Granadilla Music-1970
Kelelewar-Koes Barat-Koes Barat-Sub Pop-2015
Kembali Lagi-A. Halim & De’Fictions-Pop Yeh Yeh-Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia: 1964-1970-Sublime Frequencies-2013
Set the Controls for the Center of your Mind-Kingdom of the Holy Sun-The Active Listener Sampler 35-The Active Listener-2015
Secrets-Heaven’s Gateway Drugs-Apropos-Heaven’s Gateway Drugs-2014
I Found You Out-The Beginner’s Mynd-I Found You Out 7”-13 O’Clock Records-2015
Vampire For Your Love-The Serpent Power-Serpent Power-Skeleton Key-2015
Magick Power-Opal -Happy Nightmare Baby-SST-1987
Barbara Allen-Abunai!-Abunai! Presents The Mystic River Sound-Camera Obscura-1999
Grain Kings-ST 37-Down On Us-Emperor Jones-2002
The Girl In The Orange Pants-The Wych Elm-Mother Bark Spit-The Wych Elm-2015
Raise Them Up-The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment-Opeartion Sun Probe-Starry Night-2012
Resurrectify-Altamont UK-Turn It On! Blow It Out!-Poe/Slutfish-2015
Exploded View-Gallery of Mites-Bugs On The Bluefish-Meteor City-2003
Taking Off Her Head-Fatso Jetson-Fatso Jetson/Farflung-Heavy Psych Sounds-2015
Planck-The Linus Pauling Quartet-Ampalanche-Homeskool-2015
Success-The Divisionists-We Play Rock Music-Mount Watalie-2012
Tyburn Tree-The Divisionists-We Play Rock Music-Mount Watalie-2012
Cruisin the IDR-Workin’ Man Noise Unit-Play Loud-Riot Season-2015