Pale Anxieties/SOB 3.16.17

03/17/2017     / / / /

Peach Hat-Retry-Peach Hat-2016-Peach Hat
Morgan Delt-The Lowest of the Low-Phase Zero-2016-Sub Pop
Somesurprises-Mayor Skipped Town-Serious Dreams-2017-Eiderdown Records
Prana Crafter-MindStreamBlessing-MindStreamBlessing-2017-Eiderdown Records
Sagas-The Y-men pts. I & II-Ghost Lives-2016-Biological Radio
Steve Palmer-Banjo Burner-The Unblinking Sun-2014-Dying for Bad Music
Plantagenet 3-Angels Over Peckham Rye-The Decline and Fall of Plantagenet 3 – EP-2017-Plantagenet 3
Dead Sea Apes-Pale Anxieties-Sixth Side of the Pentagon-2017-Cardinal Fuzz-Sky Lantern
10 000 Russos-Europa Kaput-Distress Distress-2017-Fuzz Club Records
Tjutjuna-Fist-Tjutjuna-2010-Fire Talk
Chef Menteur-Terpsichore (long version)-III-2015-Sunrise Ocean Bender
Caudal-Slope-Slope/Land EP-2017-Land Animal Tapes
Kungens Män-En andra natur-Tomhetens Furste-2017-Eggs in Aspic
Vespero-Abyssinian Ground-Azmari: Abyssinian Liventure-2016-Vespero
Brian Ellis Group-Too Late for Georgia’s-Escondido Sessions-2015-El Paraiso
Psicomagia-El Memorioso-Psicomagia-2013-El Paraiso
Monarch-Assent-Two Isles-2016-El Paraiso