Out of Time, Out of Place/SOB 9.22.16

09/23/2016     / / /

E GONE-Record the Humming of Melodious Caves-Advice to Hill Walkers-Deep Water Acres/Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
E GONE-Build Your Camp Out of Alpine Moss-Advice to Hill Walkers-Deep Water Acres/Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
Sagas-Isabella-Five Furnaces-Biological Radio-2016
Rob Byrd-Deserted Town Square-Aurora Season-Rob Byrd-2016
Stereocilia-Sustain/Release-The Road to the Unconscious Past-Stereocilia-2016
Paw Paw-Moving Mountains-Moving Mountains-Fire Talk-2014
The Left Outsides-Out of Time, Out of Place-The Shape of Things to Come-The Left Outsides-2013
Cool Ghouls-Sundial-Animal Races-Empty Cellar-2016
The Wrong Society-Don’t Know Why-Dark Clouds single-13 O’Clock Records-2016
The Beginner’s Mynd-Singing Man-Singing Man single-Hidden Volume Records-2016
Vibravoid-Rheinflow II-Wake Up Before You Die-Stoned Karma-2016
The Orange Drop-Make It Her, Forever-Stoned in Love-Mega Dodo-2016
Baby Woodrose-Termination-Freedom-Bad Afro Records-2016
Made in Sweden-Love Samba-Made in England-Esoteric Recordings-1970
Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe-Ivanhoe in the Woods-Canal Trip-Esoteric Recordings-1969
Nynningen-Vilddjurens Sång-För Full Hals-MNW-1973
Claudio Gabis-Mas Alla Del Valle Del Tiempo-Claudio Gabis Y La Pesada-Sony-1973
Vox Dei-Moises-La Biblia-Grafisound-1971