Of Days Long Drained/SOB 8.4.16

08/05/2016     / / /

Landing-Third Site/Facing South-Third Sight-El Paraiso-2016
Turnip King-Metonymy-Laika-Fire Talk-2016
Teen Brains-Translucent-Translucent-Witchgirl Recordings/Citrus City Records-2016
Sons of the Void-Kolliderscope-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
Cuarto Florante-Hung-Hung-Cuarto Florante-2016
Headless Buddha-Black Hole-Black Hole-Headless Buddha-2016
Psychic Ills-Confusion (I’m Alright)-Inner Journey Out-Sacred Bones-2016
The Cult of Boydah-Love Her Right-The Cult of Boydah-The Cult of Boydah-2016
Chicos de Nazca-You Come To See It All-Blowing Inside-Chicos de Nazca-2014
The Skygreen Leopards-Josephine-Family Crimes-Woodsist-2014
The Hanging Stars-The House on the Hill-Over The Silvery Lake-The Great Pop Supplement-2016
Monarch-Shady Maiden-Two Isles-El Paraiso-2016
Brian Ellis Group-Memories of Pubby-Escondido Sessions-El Paraiso-2015
Sunwatchers-Moonchanges-Sunwatchers-Castle Face-2016
Jonas Munk-Sea of Orange-Pan-El Paraiso-2016
Nicklas Sørensen-Solo2-Solo-El Paraiso-2016
Woodsman-Parallel Minds-Parallel Minds-Fire Talk-2015
Færoe/Pyrymyd Scheme-Chef Menteur-III-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2015