Nowhere To Land/SOB 2.2.17

02/03/2017     / / / /

Colour Haze-Love-Colour Haze-2005-electrohasch
Danava-Shoot Straight with a Crooked Gun-Hemisphere of Shadows-2011-Kemado Records
Dungen-Kalifen-Häxan-2017-Mexican Summer
Siena Root-We: We Are Them-Different Realities-2009-Root Rock Records
Flower Travellin’ Band-Satori Part I-Satori-2007-Start Entertainments Limited
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats-Death Valley Blues-Mind Control-2013-Rise Above Limited
Pentagram-Lazy Lady-First Daze Here (Reissue)-2002-Relapse Records
Bonnacons of Doom-Plantae-Goat / Bonnacons of Doom Split 7”-2017-God Unknown Records
Cult of Dom Keller-Nowhere to Land-Paradiso is-Fire-2017-Eggs in Aspic
Travelling Wave-Wind May-Simoom-2016-Travelling Wave
Has A Shadow-The Flesh-Sorrow Tomorrow-2017-Fuzz Club Records
10 000 Russos-Baden Baden Baden-Fuzz Club Session-2017-Fuzz Club Records
Leaf-Wait Until-Nothing Seems Real-2016-Leaf
The Orange Drop-Juniper Pearl-Stoned in Love-2017-Mega Dodo
Control of the Going-She-She-2017-Wrong Way Records / Control of the Going
The Starlights’ Sound-Pictures-Out Over Nothing-2016-The Starlights’ Sound
William Tyler-Whole New Dude-Lost Colony – EP-2014-Merge