Inside Of Me I See The Outside Of You/SOB 7.21.16

07/22/2016     / / /

Outsiders-Inside of Me-V/A: Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils vol 1-Virgin-1968
Dogfeet-Mr. Sunshine-The Perfumed Garden, Vol 5-Past & Present Records-2003
Eyes-You’re Too Much-The Perfumed Garden, Vol 1-Past & Present Records-2003
Complex-Self Declaration-The Perfumed Garden, Vol 5-Past & Present Records-2003
Vibravoid-In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-Fruits de Mer-2016
Baby Woodrose-Open Doors-Freedom-Bad Afro-2016
Melody Fields-Every Morning-Melody Fields-Melody Fields-2016
The Bevis Frond-Back in the Churchyard-Paper Leaves-Terrascope Audio Entertainments-2016
Luzon Valley Fearless-Setting Sun-Luzon Vally Fearless-Anklebreka Records-2016
Heron Oblivion-Sudden Lament-Heron Oblivion-Sub Pop-2016
biG GRunt-Blind Date-In Session-Mega Dodo-2016
Roger Ruskin Spear-Blue Baboon (Or “I Know a Rhino”)-Electric Shocks-Esoteric Recordings-1972
Michael Moorcock-Candy Floss Cowboy/Fair Dealer-The New Worlds Fair-Esoteric Recordings-1975
Kevin Ayers-The Clarietta Rag-Joy of a Toy-EMI-1969
Zx+-Jugland Blues-A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl-Fruits de Mer Records-2014
Mordecai Smyth-Kooks-Fashion: Songs Written By David Bowie-Fruits de Mer Records-2016
Sons of the Void-Hope I Don’t Miss-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2016
Anton Barbeau-Swindon-Magic Act-Idiot Records-2016
Velvet Crush-Elevator Operator-A Single Odyssey-Action Musik Recordings-2001
Sidewalk Society-Strange Roads-Bowie/Action-Fruits de Mer Records-2016
Moonwalks-A Little Touch of Gravity-In Light (The Scales In The Frame)-Moonwalks-2016
Third Whale-In Dreams-Third Whale-Third Whale-2016
The Orange Revival-Speed-Futurecent-Fuzz Club Records-2015
The Cult of Dom Keller-Exterminating Angels-Goodbye to the Light-Fuzz Club Records-2016