I Knew My Name/SOB 9.10.15

09/11/2015     / /

I Knew My Name/SOB 9.10.15 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

Superwhip (Waterfront Version)-Tadpoles-Feel Like A Freak (A Historical Sideshow of Missing Links)-Bakery Records-2011
Ride In The Stars-Red Elektra ‘69-The Crabs Freak Out-Fruits de Mer Records-2012
Let’s Split-The Jet Age-A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl-Fruits de Mer Records-2014
Thoth-The Wych Elm-Mother Bark Spit-The Wych Elm-2015
Well Hard (and Respected)-The Blind Doctors-TBD EP-The Blind Doctors-2015
Pet Sematary-ZX+-Don’t Drink The Water-Play and Record-2015
Shake It-The Tailbreakers-The Tailbreakers-Ongakubaka Records-2015
Propane-The Heaters-Holy Water Pool-Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records-2015
Nice Walk-Baby Jesus-Baby Jesus-Ongakubaka Records-2015
One Fret Beyond-Chef Menteur-III-Sunrise Ocean Bender-2015
Inauration/I Knew My Name-Psychic Ills-Din-The Social Registry-2005
The Sun-Religious Knives-It’s After Dark-Troubleman Unlimited-2007
My Magic Is A Mess-BBjr-Pareidolia-BBjr-2015
Bring Ice Axe and Rope-E GONE-Advice to Hill Walkers-Zeon Light-2015
Fat Baby Blues Part I-Woven Skull-Fat Baby Blues -Deserted Village-2014
Then This Is Just A Wake-Jens-If You’ve Seen Me Lately Please Tell Me Where I’ve Been-Goddamn I’m A Countryman Records-2006
1×8 April-Suzuki Junzo-Buried Sky, Spider Torn To Pieces-Plunk’s Plan-2010
Hinagiku-Sundays & Cybele-Heaven-Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records-2015