I Ain’t Satisfied Dealing With Second Hand Goods/SOB 8.25.16

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Lucifer’s Friend-Moonshine Rider-Mind Exploding-Janus-1976
Captain Beyond-Distant Sun-Sufficiently Breathless-Capricorn-1973
Ian Gillan Band-Mad Elaine-Scarabus-Virgin-1977
Deep Purple-Lady Double Dealer-Archive Alive!-Navarre-1975
Uriah Heep-Devils’ Daughter-Return to Fantasy-Bronze-1975
Thin Lizzy-Spirit Slips Away-Fighting-Vertigo-1975
Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs/In This Place-Bridge of Sighs-Chrysalis-1974
Claudio Gabis-Boogie de Claudio-Claudio Gabis y La Pesada-Microfon-1972
Bazar-Olav Al-Drabantbyrock-Sommor-1974
Barrabas-Keep On Moving-Power-RCA-1973
Fleetwood Mac-This Is The Rock-Kiln House-Reprise-1970
Help Yourself-I’ve Got Beautiful You-Happy Days-BGO-1973
Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre-On the Road to Freedom-On the Road to Freedom-CBS-1973
Fat Mattress-How Can I Live-Fat Mattress-Polydor-1969
Mighty Baby-Virgin Spring II-Slipstreams-Flashbacks-1971
Sun River-Lake Victoria-Sun River-El Paraiso-2012
Nature-Dreams-Nature-Subliminal Sounds-1972
Leong Lau-The Atlas Revolution-Dragon Man-Strawberry Rain-1976
Randy California-I Don’t Want Nobody-Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds-Sony-1972
Traffic Sound-You Got Me Floating-A Bailar GoGo (1968-1969)-Repsychled-2015
The Wands-Faces-Faces-Fuzz Club-2016
The Hedgehogs-Make Me Wanna Cry-Make Me Wanna Cry/ Can’t Find Myself 7-The Hedgehogs-2014
Baby Woodrose-21st Century Slave-Freedom-Bad Afro-2016