Here Come The Wizard/SOB 12.4.14

12/05/2014     /

Here Come The Wizard/SOB 12.4.14 by Sunrise Ocean Bender on Mixcloud

Absolute Garbage-Singapore Sling
Lost Reprise-Sonic Jesus
Molly Moves My Generation-The Black Angels
The Double Bed Dream Gallows-Eternal Tapestry
Echo Head-The Telepathy
Diamond Cutter of the Jagged Mountain-Prana Crafter
Pannychis/California Black Box Vapors-Rhyton
Here Come The Wizard-Evening Fires
Three Picks In A Bottle (Somewhere Out There)-Black Sun Ensemble
End Under Down-Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
Strange Vacation-Quest for Fire
Death Wraith 2000-Chef Menteur
Mercury-In Zaire
Magma Baby-Outer Temple
Tema Ett (Theme One)-Tor-Peders
Buckwheat Boogie-The Spacious Mind
Garden of Delights-My Brother the Wind