From Under Me/SOB 2.18.16

02/19/2016     / /

Intro-Le Super Homard-Maple Key-Mega Dodo-2016
Cages-Midday Veil-This Wilderness-Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records-2015
Illa Grönt-Lejonsläktet-In och Ut-Lejonsläktet-2014
Don’t Forget to Pray-Sons of the Void-Sons of the Void-Sunrise Ocean Bender Records-2016
Blue Jay Way-The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour-Apple Records-1967
From Under Me-New Electric Ride-Balloon Age-Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records-2014
Salventius-Magic Shoppe-Interstellar Car Crash-Optical Sounds-2016
Overall-New Candys-New Candys As Medicine-Picture In Your Ear Records-2015
1999-The Orange Revival-Futurecent-Fuzz Club Records-2015
The Magnifier-Giöbia-Magnifier-Sulatron/Hologram Skies-2015
Sun-Dreamtime-Sun-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
Harmonic Steppenwolf-Shooting Guns-Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976-Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha-2016
Sunburst Finished-The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Live At The Dominion 2010-Drone Rock Records-2016
Magic Carpet-The Space Spectrum-Drone Jams Vol 1-Drone Rock Records-2016
Solar Queen Pt. 1-Blown Out-Solar Queen-Blown Out-2014
Downtown Showdown-Lamagaia-Downtown Showdown-Lamagaia-2013
I’d Rother-The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Pathfinder-The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-2014