Fallin’ Stars End/SOB 6.23.16

06/24/2016     / / / /

Les Rallizes Dénudés-The Last One-Oz Days Live-Oz Records-2008
White Heaven-Fallin’ Stars End-Out-P.S.F. Records-1991
Kikagaku Moyo-Silver Owl-House in the Tall Grass-GuruGuru Brain-2016
Our Solar System-In the Beginning of Time-In Time-Beyond Beyond is Beyond-2016
Radar Men From The Moon-Translucent Concrete-Subersive II-Fuzz Club-2016
Necro Deathmort-Moonstar-The Capsule-Rocket Recordings-2016
H.U.M.-L’Ame Agit-Trinity Way-Rocket Recordings-2016
Dead Sea Apes & Maurice’s Hotel Death/Larry Crywater-Bir – Talk Show Showcase-Cancellation Numbers-LCP Music-2016
Sendelica-The Cromlech Suite-The Cromlech Chronicles-Regal Crabomophone-2016
Octopus Syng-Surrealistic Room-Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt-Mega Dodo-2016
Constantine-Egyptian Days-Day of Light-Constantine-2015
Baby Woodrose-Open Doors-Freedom-Bad Afo-2016