E Gone/You Will Sing


… and yet another facet of the diamond that is ‘All the Suns of the Earth’

To people of a certain age, E GONE is your second favourite GhostBuster. In this case however, it refers to the solo project of Daniel Westerlund (The Goner). He has produced a dazzling little album of freewheeling songs that demonstrate not only the desire to tear up the genre but the skill to do so as well. Settle in for All The Suns Of The Earth, this is a journey that goes from A to B via ∞.—ColourHorizon

The album is so diverse it sounds more like a compilation than the work of one artist, but for those of us for whom the music itself is more important than its classification, there is a lot to like here. What with this and the recent two-part album by The Movements, Sunrise Ocean Bender is shaping up to be a definite label to watch out for.—Bliss/Aquamarine
‘All the Suns of the Earth’ is available now.