“… a kosmische/pastoral bliss fest … ”

07/06/2018     / /

After the patriotic bombast and auditory assault of the 4th of July, we need some motherfucking peace up in our headphones, I hope you would agree. With that in mind, peep the title track and first single from Enter the Stream, the fifth album by Seattle musician Prana Crafter (Will Sol). The full-length—which is available on vinyl on July 31 and on limited-edition cassette via Eggs in Aspic—is a kosmische/pastoral bliss fest of gentle, folky singing and judiciously lofted guitar sighs that should appeal to fans of Popol Vuh, Mark McGuire, early Amen Dunes, and appreciators of the non-cheesy end of the New Age spectrum.

“Enter the Stream” combines Sol’s pensive electric-guitar chimes and plangent acoustic-guitar strums with vocals that evoke the fragile tenderness of Jerry Garcia’s 1971 solo LP, Garcia, and Dean Wareham circa Galaxie 500. “We’ll wake in this dream/pure as the mountain stream/…In a world filled with pain/I know that love reigns,” Sol sings sotto voce, and it makes you feel like taking your cell phone and laptop to the electronic recycling center and going off the grid. “Enter the Stream” is the perfect soundtrack for getting back to nature—at least until reality comes urgently knocking at your consciousness, demanding that you pay to breathe.

The Stranger