White Manna in the Store

09/25/2014     /

We only have a very limited quantity of colored vinyl. If you’d like a colored edition, please indicate it on your order, but we make no guarantees. If there is no colored wax, black will be sent. Please remember these are for US/NA orders only.

“After two long players of fuzzed scorch and flange frenzy White Manna eventually made it over to Europe in the Autumn of 2013 to play a series of live shows including one of the highlight sets of an incredible Liverpool Psych Fest weekend. The Cardinal Fuzz staff were completely in awe. What helped set White Manna apart from a lot of the psych crowd is the sheer intensity and raw punk nous they posses as riffs are accelerated into speed-freak intensity and the music ascends to a miasmic swirl leaving the crowd in a boot shaking frenzy – try imagining Hawkwind and The Stooges meshed together and that will give you some idea of the sheer head fuckery of White Manna. Luckily two soundboard recordings emerged from the wreckage and the results are presented here in a acid tab KORNEY bootleg style LP timed to coincide with White Manna’s second visit to Europe and that is something you don’t want to miss. LP comes with download.”
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