Welcome Guests From Deep Water Acres


  • Welcome Guests From Deep Water Acres
  • Welcome Guests From Deep Water Acres

We’ve gotten our hands on some goods from our friends up at Deep Water Acres

Before E GONE, there was The Goner. We have copies of The Goner’s “Behold A New Traveler” for your listening enjoyment and digestion …

“…seven tumbling & loud loud acoustic-driven tales geyser’d forth from the pen and guitars of Swede Daniel Westerlund. Recorded deep in the heart of some Cretan antron by the sounds of it; this singular reverb pervades the entire record, lending, nay, endowing BEHOLD A NEW TRAVELLER with a hefty Post-Punkiness, a kind of Chills-like frosting that candy-coats each song. When the banjos plunk, the log drums clunk and the backporch harmonies yodel, the spectre of Stone Breath’s tiMOTHy is inevitably invoked. But there’s precious few others nowadays peddling such a rich and thorough Trip as the Revelator, so any artists daring to plough that same agri-furrow should be welcomed and shared around. Besides, the Goner’s Trip is entirely his own. It’s psychedelic, it’s glorious and – best of all – it’s useful.“—Julian Cope/Head Heritage

”The first listen to any of Daniel Westerlund’s releases always has the same result: it’s always pleasurable with immediate effect; it always leaves a sort of eerie quirkiness that has you wondering what in the hell is going on in Westerlund’s mind; and it always reassures you that the next few times the record gets a spin it’s only going to get better. “Behold a new traveler” continues this particular aspect of The Goner’s listening experience as unconventional vocals meet atmospheric, eccentric musical passages that interweave to create a truly captivating and addictive sound … The Goner has hit the nail firmly on the head.”—It’s a Trap

Accompanying The Goner we’ve also got copies of the original Deep Water Acres/US release of Dead Sea Apes superb “Lupus” …

“The eeriest soundtrack to the best film you never saw.”—Foxy Digitalis

“Like the ominous premonitions of a sleeping giant, the music of Dead Sea Apes is intertwined with low end rumble and drone … blissed out drone that whispers of high magic, sounding like it was recorded in a sacred cave deep underground, just add flickering candlelight and headphones for the full effect. Finally, “Medicine Lodge” is a short meditation for electric guitar, ending a near perfect album with a beauty that the band managed to display throughout.”—Terrascope

“‘Lupus’ feels like a sonic exploration into the joys of repetition and the beauty held within, rewarding the tentative listener with each increasingly epic listen … It’s clear that a huge amount of work went into this disc. Each song builds to a huge, sprawling crescendo of darkness, a cathartic, demented dream. Although draped in the cloak of the downtrodden for the most part, there are glimpses of truly ambient serenity … It is a truly monumental effort … “—Echoes and Dust

Both CDs now available in the store.